Tescom did not start out as a large organization capable of dominating the marketplace. However, we are proud to say that in more than 50 years since our founding, our commercial-use brand “Nobby” has been a top seller amongst hair-care professionals, while in the fierce domestic competition of major electronics makers within the food preparation category our juicers and blenders continue to be among the most popular amongst consumers.

One of TESCOM’s strengths is our ability to actively contribute to the overseas market. This derives from the fact that, since our founding, we have been internationally focused and have a cumulative track record of exports to the North American market since the late 1960s. Even before we had any experience in manufacturing, we did not shrink from the challenge of breaking into the overseas market, and for TESCOM, challenges such as the differences between countries do not pose a problem. We find our market wherever there are customers who want TESCOM products.

In the 1980s, we were among the first to realize the potential in the Middle East and to cultivate it as a new market. We listen to our overseas customers and consider their situations and needs just as much as we do our domestic customers. Hair is different from country to country, and so are the hairdryer features that each country expects. This flexible approach to the needs of consumers in product development has resulted in the cultivation of a solid base for TESCOM in the Middle East in the form of an 11% share of the hairdryer market. And the TESCOM brand continues to steadily permeate the overseas market.

While lifestyles and customs may differ from country to country, we view our job to be offering products that captivate and excite people wherever and however they live. By succeeding at this job we win people’s trust and build up an ever-increasing TESCOM fan base around the world, and we firmly believe that we can continue to grow and develop as an international brand.

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